Clinic services

We offer a variety of services for the entire family in a quality, convenient and innovative way in the office

Minor Illness exam

Allergy symptoms

Coughs & Bronchitis

Mild pneumonia

Flu-like symptoms

Asthma (Nebulizer treatment if needed)

Earaches & Infections

Sore throat & Strep Throat

Pink eye, eye infections & Stye


Mononucleosis (mono)

Sinus infections

Upper respiratory infections (Cold)

Indigestion & Heartburn

Mouth sores

tooth pain and infection

Nausea, vomiting & diarrhea 

Traveling diarrhea

Urinary tract & bladder infections

Yeast infections


Minor Injury exam

bug bites & Stings

Minor burns

Minor cuts, blisters & wounds

Sprains, Strains & joint pain

Muscle spasms 

Trigger point

Large joint injections

Trigger point injections

Back pain


Suture & staple removal 

Health Condition Monitoring

Blood sugar (Glucose) screening

High blood pressure monitoring

Rapid test

Laboratory screening (Labs) 

Skin Condition Exam

Wart Evaluation






Poison ivy & poison oak



Skin infections


Cold, canker & mouth sores

Herpes/ Viral infections

Chicken pox

Athlete's foot



Vitamin B12

Lipo Vite

L-Carnitine injection

Vitamin D3 injection

Birth Control/ Depo (provide medication)

PPD/ TB screening (tuberculosis)

Joint injections

Trigger point injections

Other injections

Other services

Ear wax removal

Medication renewal

Pregnancy Test

Smoking cessation

STD screening

Motion sickness

Travel health

Weight loss program  

Physical Exams

Basic health screening

DOT physicals

Camp physicals

Sports physicals

General medical exams

Our office visit services are so affordable you do not need insurance.


That simple.

We can provide the necessary paperwork to file with insurance if needed.


Medicare & Medicaid

Texas Health Step

Texas Children medicaid


Traditional Medicaid

Texas healthy Women

Community health choice

BCBS/ Blue cross blue shield


Unitedhealthcare/ UHC

First Health Network


Office Visit starts at $60

We provide medical treatment to adults and children 18 months and older for most services
** Any conditions or health care needs out of our scope of practice will be directed to other health care providers within the community for higher levels of care.
**Superbill given to patients/ parents to turn in to insurance for reimbursement or towards annual deductible.
Flexible Spending Account card (FSA) accepted
Have a question? No problem, just call us.
We will be happy to hear from you

Sports physical $30

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