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Postpartum and Newborn home visits

Congratulation on your new bundle of joy!!!  Your home with your precious little one and now what!?

Well, I'm here to provide comforting Post delivery teaching as a refresher on all the information and care that was provided to you for your newborn after delivery. Our home visit will provide you with a comfortable transition from birthing center to settling in at home.As an experienced postpartum and neonatal nurse, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I would love to share with you and your family. This home visit is 1- 1 1/2 hour session and provides:

  • Demonstrate and discuss well-baby care ( swaddling, skin care, cord care, circumcision care, diaper changing, bathing..more)

  • Discuss identifying illnesses and emergencies

  • Lactation care and feeding information

  • Nutrition counseling for mom and baby

  • Discuss what to expect at the Well-child visits and immunization schedule

  • Evidence -base information provided

  • One home visit(s) or request multiple visits

$125 First visit (within first eight weeks after delivery)
*Free 20-minute phone consultation prior to scheduling visit*

Pediatric Health Consulting

Healthy Pedi

Staying healthy and on the go is the goal!


Our pediatric service is set up to be patient and family focused. The Nurse Practitioner is here to help with health related questions and  answered with evidence-based information to guide your child's healthcare needs. We will provide the following services for you and your little one.

  • Identifying illnesses​ and emergencies

  • Treatment for minor illnesses

  • Need for scheduled Home Visit

    • Staple/suture removal​

    • sick visit

    • skin conditions treatment

    • Nebulizer breathing treatment $25 

    • Follow up check up

    • Rapid testing (strep) $10

  • Food and environmental allergies, asthma and eczema treatment

  • Nutrition and Obesity prevention

  • Safety precaution

  • Discuss immunization schedule and information


*Free 10-minute phone consultation prior to scheduling visit*

​**We provide medical treatment to adults and children 18 months and older for most services


** Any conditions or health care needs out of our scope of practice will be directed to other health care providers within the community for higher levels of care.

**Superbill given to patients/ parents to turn in to insurance for reimbursement or towards annual deductible.

Flexible Spending Account card (FSA) accepted

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